June 3, 2023


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6 Employee Motivating Steps for a Better Business

Starting a business is one thing and keeping your venture growing is the tricky part. When employees come in the morning, sometimes you need to prepare some motivational tricks. In business, however, experienced you think you are in management, you need to keep learning new things to make your business grow continuously. If you are new in the position of management, you can do much research on business books, journals, and magazines. Great leaders know that the employees’ attitude is the key to business growth. A happy worker can contribute to over 20 per cent increase in sales while unhappy employee leads to a decrease in production by more than 10.

The following are some tips to help motivate your workers for a better future of the business;

  1. Encourage Open Communication

When working as a team, open communication is the key to sustaining worker’s motivation. Do not be the kind of a boss whom you would not want to approach under any circumstance. You should come up with effective methods to encourage proper communication, and expect wonders from your team’s motivation. A member of staff committed to working for you will be having a lot of questions, comments, and concerns. Therefore, having an open door for effective and consistent methods of communication will drive the employees to feel like contributing to business growth. The workers will feel like part of the business. You can also let the workers hold group discussions and air the concerns during staff meetings. When an employee forwards a suggestion, you should follow up like asking about the input and showing concern. Make your employees think that you need some time to think about the input rather than dismissing the opinion or directing the point to somebody else. This action will encourage the workers to come to you more often with suggestions.

  1. Praise and Recognition

Praising and complementing your workers for the job well done can put your business way ahead of the competitors. Many businesses use compliments and praise as effective motivators for commitment to consistent quality work from the employees. Research shows that employees who receive complements improve individual productivity, attract higher royalties, encourage higher customer scores, and the workers have higher chances of working longer for the company. Make sure other workers are present when giving the awards to instil motivational spirit to others, like during staff meetings. Alert the employees to identify the service well-received when the customer gives a positive compliment.

  1. Be Someone Easy to Work for

Many workers had unapproachable bosses with unrealistic expectations. Working for a person who gives you uncomfortable moments during working hours and pressuring you all through can lower your productivity even if you love your job. Rating yourself whether you are the kind you would want to work for is crucial to motivating your employees. A smile is not bad while at work. When you stay happy and positive throughout the day, your workers will follow the lead. It is not easy to work for a person who seems unappeasable. You should develop the passion for your work as a motivator in the organization. At times, you may fail to reach your expectations. As a good manager, you should understand that your employees are human beings and are prone to making mistakes. Some workers will not be comfortable to admit the mistakes to the manager. However, the workers will complete the job as expected if the boss is approachable and supportive in every situation.

  1. Provide Incentives

Providing rewards is a sure method to make your employees motivated to beat the target every other time. Making the workplace fun will boost the employees working ability. Rewarding the employees will create a healthy internal competition that would raise the overall production capacity. You can share your profit with the workers if the firm’s sales are overwhelming. Also, reward your excellent workers by paying them insurance policies. You can choose insurances firms like life insurance Singapore which can offer you packages which are beneficial for both, the employee and the employer. The rewards will help you maintain your excellent workers and attract more talents. Also, you can provide food at the workplace. Giving your workers nutritious meals will show that you do not only care about the company’s performance, but you are interested in the health matters of your workers. Hireling a qualified chef to prepare proper food can be expensive, but the results of the effort will be clear in the overall performance of your staff.

  1. Offer Advancing Opportunities

Many workers want to have a secure future while working for you. The employees will perfect in performance if there is room for advancement. You should train your employees towards climbing the ladder of opportunities in life. Assign the excellent employees to manage one of your branches. Allowing the workers the top job will show trust and improved capability in the leadership skills. Also, you will improve your company’s reputation by creating more opportunities for new employees. The firm will gain credit to be a great place to work. Encourage teamwork. Team bounding exercises will have the employees relate positively and develop leadership characters. You should focus on ensuring that the workers are at ease with each other to encourage proper communication and effective ways to resolve matters. Be a problem solver between two staff members without biases and make everyone focus on relevant issues.

  1. Invest in Your Worker’s Happiness

You should let the employees be happy while working for the company. The team will not produce as intended if put under pressure. Therefore, you should understand and respect the fact that your workers have a life outside the workplace. The workers get motivated when knowing that you can understand if a worker wants a day off to attend to a family matter. Also, you can consider showing appreciation when an employee does the job perfectly. The appreciations can perform wonders in initiating employees’ motivation.

Many leaders underestimate the ability and potential of the workers to increase productivity. However, good managers will provide room to perfect and support the employees at all cost to manage fast business growth.