June 3, 2023


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7 Reasons to Get a Condo Unit Near Your School

Whether you’re on your undergraduate track or pursuing a Master’s degree, living near your school is a good move. And if you’ll ask us, buying a condominium is highly-recommended. If you’re still having second thoughts on buying one, here are the reasons why you should get a condo near your school.

1. Hassle-free commute

You can go to school or come home earlier without worrying the 1-2 hours of traffic along the hectic roads in the metro. You don’t need to worry about carrying too many things or taking several rides.

2. Less expenses

You’ll definitely spend less on transportation fare. And if you’ll carefully choose your condominium, you can enjoy recreational activities for free with your condominium’s amenities.

3. More time for everything

You can review a little longer at home instead of cramming along the school corridors. When you arrive at home earlier, you can do more chores, study and finish assignments.

4. Easy place for group projects

Group studies or not, it is very accessible for anyone in a group to hangout a bit at a nearby condo. Rushing a project? Go straight to your condo and re-huddle. You left the project at the condo? Don’t panic, it’s just near the school. You can easily go back for it in no time.

5. High Security

There are security protocols in every condominium. Security personnel are stationed at the entrance area. There are also CCTV cameras positioned all over the building.

6. University Town vibe

A residence near a school will certainly give you a university town vibe. You get a chance to interact with people, mostly students, within a vibrant community. Its proximity to a number of recreational spots also promotes an active lifestyle.

7. Good investment

Condos today in the Philippines are situated strategically and it is highly convenient for families, students and yuppies. Buying a condo unit, in the long run, can be profitable. If you bought a condo while you’re studying, you can sell or have it rented after you graduate and get a job somewhere else.

For students studying in Quezon City, one of the highly-recommended residences is Golfhill Gardens. Located along Capitol Hills, Golfhill Gardens is just a few minutes away from academic institutions where the best and the brightest minds are honed, such as Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines – Diliman and Miriam College. It has a private access road that leads to the village. The gated community has a guaranteed 24-hour security system. It also has a security command center, located at the ground floor of each building, for 24-hour monitoring of all facilities. Moreover, the six low-density clusters are set close to another promoting a friendly and close-knit community.

Before another semester starts, consider these things for a more fruitful academic year.


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