March 22, 2023

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Belle Arte Residential Condominiums: From Legacy to Luxury

Rising in the heart of old downtown, Bacolod City will once again have an Art Deco District, a distinct architectural destination for local and visitors. Belle Arte Residential Condominiums is an eight-story building that will bring back the elegant lifestyle of the city.

Art deco inspired architecture and interiors

The theme of Belle Arte is inspired by its proximity to the iconic ancestral home of the developers, the art deco mansion of Generoso M. Villanueva known locally as Daku Balay on Burgos Street.

Built in the mid-1930s, Daku Balay is the largest remaining architectural legacy in the true art deco style in the Philippines, representing Bacolod City’s once-elegant lifestyle and the height of cultural modernism. The Villanueva family had to evacuate Daku Balay as the Japanese Imperial Army took over the property in 1942.  Luckily, the family and Daku Balay survived the war years and the Villanueva family returned to live in the house which was miraculously saved from destruction.

The Famous Daku Balay
The Famous Daku Balay

Rising on the other end of the same property on Galo Street, Belle Arte seeks to pick up where the family patriarch left off Villanueva’s dream of filling Bacolod City with modernist homes was disrupted by the start of World War II.

The newest project of Marosvill Development Corporation occupies a 1,000-sqm and will equip each of the 67 residential units, from the second to the eighth floor, with art deco features in the interior as well as the exterior and common areas. Two units on the ground floor are reserved for commercial tenants.

Elegant Amenities

Old-world Concierge Services will be provided for owners, including trained housekeeping and chefs, car service and restaurant reservations, and suggestions for shopping and out-of-town trips.  A modern fitness center will be available within the building.  All residents and guests are assured of parking spaces as well as 24/7 security system.

Moreover, there are plans of constructing a club house and lap pool to be added in the future phase of the development.

About the Developer

To engage in the highest ideals of developing building projects that will enhance the architectural skyline of Bacolod City and elsewhere in Negros Occidental, contribute to the betterment of the economic and cultural lives of its citizens through business ventures that are bold, creative, and lasting for generations to partake and enjoy.”

This is the vision statement of Marosvill Development Corporation, the developer of Belle Arte Residential Condominiums; the same ideals that the shareholders learned from their patriarch grandfather, Generoso M. Villanueva.

Composed of the heirs of Don Gener (as he was known) from his sons Mario and Oscar, Marosvill Development Corporation will engage in real estate property development and other related businesses that will fulfill their vision statement.  Marosvill shareholders are actively seeking projects that are bold, creative and have lasting legacy for future generations, following in the footsteps of their grandfather who created iconic property developments such as Daku Balay–the largest private art deco residence in the country, built in 1936– and Sta. Fe Resort–the city’s first recreational resort that was open to the public in 1954.

Marosvill Development Corporation has a history rooted in the island’s sugar industry.  The principals and shareholders have over fifty years of corporate experience in operating plantations and other agri-based businesses, real estate properties, including Sta. Fe Resort, as well as having served as board members of commercial and financial institutions, and several major banks.

Board of Directors and officers are:  Eduardo R. Villanueva, Chairman; Maria Lilia V. Villanueva, President and COO; Generoso V. Villanueva, Treasurer; Mario R. Villanueva, Jr., Corporate Secretary, Teodoro R. Villanueva, Director-Finance; Ana Maria Isabel V. Salacata, MD, Director.