April 1, 2023


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Bathroom Vintage-Style

Best Ideas for Creating a Vintage-Style Bathroom

Most people neglect the interior design of their bathroom in comparison to other premises of their house or apartment. In most cases, this is because they consider it too small to be well-furnished or not important enough to invest in its aesthetics. However, when decorated in accordance to our wishes, bathrooms can create a warm and relaxing escape, as well as make a homey and cozy impression on our guests. Vintage decor elements can be used for any bathroom type, providing your house with an elegant, charming and chic touch. It doesn’t matter whether you’re updating an old bathroom or installing a new one, the following ideas will inspire you to create a vintage-style bathroom.

Thrift Store Finds

What’s great about vintage-style bathrooms is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on creating one. Run to the local thrift stores and look for some vintage gems for your Victorian-style bathroom. From wallpapers in sepia or black and white, through prints in floral or pastoral themes, to vintage movie posters from the 1940s – finding artwork goodies with a sense of history will be a perfect way to spark your creative process and find inspiration for turning your boring bathroom into an oasis-like environment.

Shineless metals

Bathroom furniture logically requires a considerable display of metals, which unavoidably becomes part of the interior. Since shiny and bright metals are typical for 21st-century ambiances and create a modern look, opt for matte tones and dull metals instead, such as nickel, copper, and oiled bronze.

Frameless mirror

Instead of buying a new mirror from home decor stores, try mixing and matching some vintage ones you already have. You’ll need only a bit of craftsmanship and quality diamond blades that will cut through whatever material you’re working with. What’s more vintage (and also hipsterish) than a frameless mirror?

Wood flooring

For a vintage vibe, oak or other varnished wood flooring is better than sterile-looking tiles. In case you decide to have tiles or marble after all, white is the only acceptable choice if you don’t want to drift away from vintage style. Naturally, wood flooring was one of the earliest types of smooth flooring available, and hence the original choice for bathrooms back in the time of first indoor bathrooms. However, for practical purposes, make sure it’s highly polished wood which is easy to clean.


You will be surprised to find out how many unused and random items around your house can look chic and vintage when repurposed for your bathroom. Find an old photo frame, sand it, paint it and leave it to dry. Then look for some sepia-toned print and place it in a frame. Go through your kitchen items, take a jar or a glass cake stand and transform them into cute containers for makeup brushes, soaps or your small perfume bottles. These minute decor items will add a personal and artsy touch to your brand new, yet retro bathroom. Plus, you’ll do good by recycling and repurposing, instead of wasting and buying new items.

Keep it white or pastel

All white is a safe and sophisticated choice. Additionally, it allows you to experiment more with the interior decorations, without going too far or risking the combinations. However, if you want to add colors, opt for soft, pastel accents – pink or turquoise will give Victorian style a perfect modern twist. Also, pastel color shades are soothing and pleasant to watch. Decorating your home is a joyful and fulfilling process, but it can also be exhausting and risky, unless you’re well prepared and motivated. Whether it’s because they’re smaller than the other rooms, bathrooms are usually the trickiest to decorate. Take note of the tips we shared above and create a classy and elegant ambiance for your vintage-style bathroom.