March 22, 2023

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Cheap Tricks for Making Your Bedroom Look Expensive

If you want to end your day in a 5-star bedroom without all the hefty expenses that usually come with a 5-star bedroom, here’s a solution for you! Check out these effective yet cheap tricks that will transform your humble sleeping quarters into a real treat for all the senses. You definitely deserve it!

Show off your square footage

Even though this is more of a cleaning tip than a décor tip, don’t forget to remove clutter, especially from your floors. A bedroom can be filled with designer furniture, luxurious fabrics and precious metal accessories and STILL look cheap when there’s clothes, books and cords on the floor! So, make sure to keep your floors orderly and you’ll instantly achieve a more expensive look.

Tidy up your nightstand

Most nightstands are practically buried under a pile of essential (and not so essential) items. We use them to keep hand creams, phones, alarm clocks, half-full glasses of water and tea cups, unfinished novels and other things we might need before bed and during the night. However practical this might be, it looks quite ugly! So, put some things away in drawers, but leave some items displayed for a perfectly styled look

Don’t go easy on throw pillows

We still don’t know what it is, but there’s something super luxurious and stylish about a nicely dressed bed filled with throw pillows! Just chucking a few of these bad boys on your bed will instantly elevate the look of your bedroom from “meh” to “oh, my!” Feel free to experiment with sizes, materials and textures, but there are a few unwritten rules about throw pillows. Your sleeping pillows should sit propped against your headboard with decorative pillows leaning on them in height order. Also, your new pillow arrangement shouldn’t take up more than a quarter of your bed!

Invest in good lighting

Any luxurious space is always well lit and showered in natural light! If you happen to live in Sydney or any other sunny place, you can always let plenty of sunshine into your bedroom to give it a fresh and warm feel. But, even sunny Australia needs a little help from electricity in the evening! Make sure to ditch those old-fashioned boob lights and opt for something modern and daring. Hanging pendants with a practical dimmer are especially trendy all over the world, so spice up your lighting with an attractive piece. Just make sure to call a professional electrician from Parramatta to handle your lighting and dimmer installation and check out your lighting circuits. They also offer lighting tips, so you can get the best advice straight from the pros!

Add a statement piece

Every lux bedroom needs a “wow” element that will instantly attract the eye and leave a lasting impression. No matter if it’s your elaborate headboard, a modern armchair or a sparkly gilded mirror, every luxurious bedroom need a focus piece. Pro tip: don’t clutter the room with too many elements, but let your statement piece take the spotlight!

Replace old hardware

Even small details like custom hardware can elevate the look of your bedroom. The default hardware usually has that cheap feel, so make sure to replace it with something more eye-catching. Look for crystals, gems, copper or gold!

Green it up

Probably the easiest and fastest way to make your bedroom look more expensive is to put in a plant or two. Plus, there are practically no mistakes when it comes to plants! Everything from large ferns to small succulents will work wonders for your style, color palette and air quality.

Since you spend one-third of your life in your bedroom, you deserve to have a comfortable, beautiful and attractive space. Every time you enter your luxurious bedroom, you’ll feel like you’ve entered your private piece of heaven!