June 3, 2023


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Easy Ways to Clean the Blocked Drains

The blocked drain is the biggest nightmare of any homeowner. There are many ways to correct the blocked drain. If you find unpleasant odor from your kitchen sink or bathroom or if you notice the water clogging or pooling around the sink or shower area, then you must get alarmed, because all these can be the signs of blocked drains. These are alarming signs of blockages in the drain pipes. Many people damage the sewer system by using the diy techniques like baking soda and warm water with lime. However, it is always the best to hire the professionals to get the blocked drains cleared and for maintaining them all throughout the year.

What to Do If Your Drain Gets Completely Blocked?

Before you drain gets completely blocked, you need to take some measures to prevent any further drain blockage. Therefore, you must be careful when dealing with the blocked drain, you must take professional help and call for the plumber if the situation worsens for you.

You can acquire the following ways to unclog the blocked drain. These easy ways to clean the clocked drain are as follows:

#1. Bent Wire Hanger

All you have to do is take a wire coat hanger and pull it in a way to make it straight. After that, bend it from the one end to make a hook like structure. Then put it in the drain and begin with fishing. Keep in mind that you have to pull out things and not push it. Once you are done with the process, pour the hot water and the blockage will be clear.

#2. Baking Soda Vinegar

Measure one third cup of baking soda and one third cup of vinegar and mix it. As you will mix them, you will hear a fizz sound and without wasting any time, you must pour it down the clogged drain. This fizzing will enable to remove all the grime, gunk, and hair built up in the pipe.

#3. Boiling Water

At first, boil as much water as you can and then pour it down the drain in several stages. The hot water will enable all the clogging to melt down and clear the blockage. Thus, this might prove to be the most effective and quickest way to get rid of the blocked drain.

#4. Wet and Dry Vacuum

Having a wet and dry vacuum is a great tool at your disposal to unclog the blocked drain. At first, you need to set it to the vacuum liquids but do not forget to cover the vent in order to avoid any sort of mess. Then seal the drain tightly. For this, you might need a plunger head and draw up the clogging into the vacuum bag.

#5. Drain Snake

It is a cheap drain cleaning equipment, which you can easily afford, and it works wonder. As it is an elongated metal rope structure, which is flexible in nature, and comprises spiral of metal at the end, it is used to clean the blocked drains without much hassles.

#6. Dish Detergent

Apart from that, if your kitchen sink or toilet is clogged, you can also use the dish detergent to unclog the blocked drain. Take one fourth cup of dish detergent in the bowl and all some boiling water, this liquid soap will act as a lubricant and break the greasy residue in the pipe.

Now there are many drain cleaning agencies that are available online. They have a highly efficient team of professionals who can use all the latest drain cleaning techniques to keep your drain and sewage pipes from getting blocked. However, as the homeowner, you must also rest assured that you do not drop paper napkins, paper items, small toys or plastic objects into the drain, to enable it function properly.