April 1, 2023


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Greenfield Introduces a Genuine, Fully-Connected Lifestyle

Tech experts rave about fiber optic connectivity as an integral part of future-proof infrastructures. Its capacity to handle massive amounts of data and support emerging technologies, among other benefits, is truly advantageous for both corporate and household consumers. Greenfield District is one of the few mixed-use developments that is offering 100 percent fiber optic connection for its residences, and fiber-to-the-home or fiber-to-the-unit technology for other commercial spaces. It offers unparalleled advantage to its residential unit owners and office locators while elevating the current standards for modern development to a whole new level.

This technology is particularly beneficial for industries that rely on data transmission and web-based communications to operate. For one, its connection speed is incomparable against its copper predecessor. Its unlimited bandwidth also allows conveyance of large-scale data in a secure and consistent manner.

Greendfeld tower
Facade shot of Greenfield Tower in Mandaluyong

The company’s newest high-rise office building, the Greenfield Tower, is fitted with this technology. Designed to address the growing demand for office spaces for headquarters and for the IT and BPO sectors, it features high-speed connectivity which is invaluable for locators who rely heavily on dependable and fast internet connection for their telecommunications-based work.

Because fiber optic technology supports voice over IP (VoIP) services and faster access to cloud storage, this infrastructure also enables flexibility for businesses with multisite offices and mobile workforce. The benefits extend to enhanced productivity and cost-savings as loss of critical data is diminished.

As for residential users, fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) supports cutting-edge digital-based products and services such as Internet TV, smart home technology, IP video home monitoring, tele-med services, video streaming and a lot more.

Aerial view of Greenfield District in Mandaluyong City

Such is the case for Twin Oaks Place, a genuinely smart, state-of-the-art vertical dwelling where residents can enjoy the convenience of a smart and automated home, and a connection speed of up to 1 GBps.

Unit owners can take advantage of an option to upgrade their units which will allow them to control their home system even when they are off-site. They can also connect IP-enabled appliances to the internet and utilize a broad range of online-based applications.

Complementing the digital backbone of this future-ready community are master-planned infrastructures that serve as secure, comfortable and convenient passageways for both pedestrians and vehicles.

The newly unveiled Williams Street, strategic for providing an easy access to EDSA from the CBD, much like the rest of the development, has underground utilities and cabling to create a streamlined road that is beautifully landscaped and free from obstruction.

Green Field Wall Street
Night shot of Williams St., which leads straight to Greenfield District in Mandaluyong

The nature-centric architectural blueprint of Williams Street is echoed by an interconnected network of walkways and bridges that link business offices, residential towers, and commercial establishments. This intelligently-designed physical connectivity does not only sustain green spaces but also reduce car-dependence to promote an authentic walkable lifestyle.

Nestled at the heart of Mandaluyong City, Greenfield District stands out as a master-planned oasis. Each component of this mixed-use township was deliberately planned to build a cohesive, future-proof community that supports a high quality of life, is environment-friendly, innovative, and compliant with latest technology.