March 22, 2023

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How to Draft a Fabulous Property Description to Sell or Rent Your House

Property Finds Asia| How to Draft a Fabulous Property Description to Sell or Rent Your House |Think of Del Boy, for example; he could market almost anything to anybody; he could have sold water to a well! But when it comes to vending a property, it can be completely a different ball game.

As we are aware of the current trend, there’s a lot of money involved in the property market; we expect the highest value out of this investment in the shortest space of time. So how can you attract somebody to your house through the description alone? You need to make them fall in love with the house, and make sure you’re selling it as a home. Here’s how to be the Del Boy of the property market.

Be Direct

Get straight-to-the-point. Let the buyer perceive what they need to identify. For starters, be clear with the price; serious buyers will inevitably become attracted if it’s within their budget. Don’t be scared to mention the price early on because realistically, you only want to attract serious buyers.

Next is the location, as it’s one of the most important factors in buying a house. Make sure this is stated in the first line because many will just skim through adverts trying to find out this information, as they only really want to be moving to the location of their liking. With this information, you should mention the postcode and nearby streets that are well-known, as this can help in searches online. Other factors that help buyers search for your property would be nicknames for the neighborhood or surrounding area.


You need to tell the potential buyer enough about your house, but not too much. The aim is to tell them enough to intrigue and get the buyer interested. You don’t need to state every little detail; otherwise, you’ll risk making them too sick of your house by the time they’ve done the reading. A benefit-driven headline is essential; you need to casually address a nice USP (unique selling point) of your house. This could be the location, quirkiness, or any special benefit of your home.

The obvious descriptive qualities you’ll need to include are how many bedrooms it has and qualities such as a garage, a garden, and (if you’re lucky enough) it’s on a quiet road. Anything that’s been renovated in Lagom style should most definitely be mentioned, as most buyers are sure to like the idea of a modern kitchen remodelling or bathroom – this had a wide appeal, as do smaller features such as fireplaces, attics, basements, vintage features, etc.

Words such as ‘beautiful’ can attract or aid more value than words like ‘nice’. Remember, you want them to love the idea of your home. For example, “Every morning during Spring, the Sun beautifully shines over the flowers in the garden”. Now, doesn’t that sound lovely?

Simple but effective

This works with many things that you sell. Don’t get carried away when describing certain features of your home because they only need to know the important bits. The advert shouldn’t be too long and not come across as threatening. Make them feel good about the idea of the property so that the potential buyers want to come and visit your house; once they’re in, they may never want to leave!

Advertise in the right places

Like I said earlier, you want buyers to be able to find your advert. There’s a lot of competition out there so think about where to advertise:

  1. Local estate agents – For people who know the area well, they will walk past the window of an estate agent, notice a property that they recognize and then consider going in to ask about it. This is becoming a dated way of buying and selling properties as the buyers can feel threatened or pressured by the idea of showing too much interest to someone who wants to earn commission by selling a property.
  2. Sell house online – This has risen in popularity in recent years as it’s safe to be able to nose around and look at various houses without anybody trying to lure them in to view the property. The beauty of online selling is that if the buyer likes what they’re reading, they can choose to view the property. I highly recommend trying this modern approach to buying- you can save thousands of pounds by cutting out the high commission rates of local sellers.
  3. Local papers & magazines – Locals will always be flicking through property advertisements in the paper, but many do it to see what the market currently looks like. There’s a lot of competition in these and sometimes just not enough information.

So you’re all set!

Love your house as much as the buyer should and express it in your advertisement. If you follow these guidelines, you’re sure to attract serious buyers who want to come and take a look at your property!

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