April 1, 2023


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Interior detailing as reflection of true passions

Interior detailing as reflection of true passions

PropertyfindsAsia.com | Interior detailing as reflection of true passions | Each house bears the unmistakable imprint of its owner(s). Homes, whether sizable or limited in floor size, reflect the personalities and/or passions of those living therein. And the reason why homeowners fuss about their dwelling places is because they spend much of their time there than in any other place. Moreso, during lockdowns.

“In my experience, we ask clients what they want before doing the designs so it becomes customized. For optimum results, contractors, interior designers, and architects should collaborate. Many don’t realize but people spend more on interiors and detailing than the house itself,” shared Arch. (insert name), during a recent confab with media men at the Livestock restaurant in Quezon City.

Floors to Walls, the pioneer player in interior design solutions, is giving its ever-increasing client base more options that are not only cost-effective but are eco-friendly. Their mantra – basics made better – speak of the dedication and passion that its founder, Kelvin Ting, puts into this undertaking.

Ting recounts how, at the onset of their venture, he and his wife would go to far-flung areas of Luzon to peddle their products. In fact, their van is one traveling showroom, complete with a toilet-and-bath setup! But all that’s in the past now as several dealers cater to its customers all over the country.

“The trend in home improvement is gradual and long lasting. In the next few years, there will be more eco-friendly products and automation (smart home products). But I can see farm houses, beach houses, and vacation houses increasing in the countryside. More spaces will be allocated by plantitos and plantitas for their garden spots.

“Usually, the trend starts in Metro Manila then spills out to the provinces. But not all trends that begin in Metro Manila reach all the provinces. Provincial markets are more conservative in general, but there are still a small number of buyers who have radical or loud preferences. You will see items moving fast in certain regions and stagnant in other places.

“Yet homeowners do follow the trends. For some time, the trend followed zen colors (dark wood), now its shades of gray. So tastes change from time to time,” informed the well-traveled CEO.

It is also wise to balance costs with quality of products you put your money into. So your satisfaction level would remain at an all-time high.

“You do not need to spend too much on every single part of the house, but don’t try to save (by buying cheap goods) on everything either. If you splurge on everything, you won’t be happy living over your budget (as it may cause you financial issues or be in debt, in the long run).  If you try to save on every material, you might also feel unhappy and/or unsatisfied because you did not achieve what you wanted. If you are working on a budget, decide on which space of your house is non-compromisable. For instance, if you like cooking/baking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then spend a little more on your kitchen interiors and detailing,” Ting advised.

Tell your developers what you have in mind or what you want to achieve. You might be surprised what your collaboration could bring about.

For consultations, both on-site and online, simply get in touch with Floors to Walls through mobile #s 0936-0084598, 0917-1388767, and 0920-2968440.