June 3, 2023


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With the Iskolar ng Bayan law of Rep. Roman Romulo, poor but deserving students from the top 10 of public high schools get the chance to enter college for free.

‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ advocacy infommercial goes out on social media

by Homerun Nievera |

The much lauded “Iskolar ng Bayan” law, principally authored by Congressman Roman T. Romulo, finally gets social media mileage with its video airing.

Congressman Romulo, chairman of the house committee on technical and higher education, sees this as a realization of his vision to reach as many poor but deserving students who want to go to college but do not have the financial means to do so.

The law, RA 10648, was signed by President Aquino last November 27, 2014.  It states that the top 10 graduates of public high schools get to enter any national college or university within their region automatically and for free. Any state college or university these qualified students want to enter outside their region, they will still need to take the entrance exams of the said schools

Watch the video here: