June 3, 2023


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Keller Williams Oritgas-27C Realty operating principal-owner Pauline Orillosa welcomes guests and associates to the grand opening of their office.

Keller Williams offers a truly rewarding career with the opening of KW Ortigas – 27C Realty

PROPERTYFINDSASIA.COM | Global realty company Keller Williams (KW), aware of the significant role of real estate agents in achieving company targets, has revolutionized the traditional practices by introducing a win-win model for both brokers and agents.

“When employees are compensated as much as what the company earns, they work towards a unified goal that results to increased productivity and success,” said Keller Williams Philippines Regional Director Marla V. Naňadiego. “This is the very reason why Keller Williams enjoys the distinction as the largest, fastest-growing real estate franchise globally.”

Keller Williams was borne out of a vision that if a company works on building the business of the agent to be big, the brokerage will grow just as big. In 1983, founder Gary Keller teamed up with Joe Williams to launch Keller Williams Realty in Austin, Texas with a handful of sales associates which they implemented this vision on. Keller Williams then went on to grow to become the largest single-office real estate company in the metropolitan area.

Eventually, the brokerage conceptualized and adopted the new Keller Williams Business Model: an agent-centric approach where associates are given equal influence and opportunities in the company. The business model has not only spurred unprecedented growth, but consistently places KW as a top-performing brokerage firm in the United States.

In 2017, KW expanded in Asia, including in the Philippines. As of this year, there are currently 9 sub-franchises operating under the Philippine master franchise. Backed by a team of leaders with more than 40 years’ experience in residential, commercial, and leisure real estate development, KW intends to change the way real estate is sold in the country.

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KW Ortigas-27C Realty office is located within bustling Ortigas CBD, a convergence point in Metro Manila.

Continuous demand

The Philippines continues to enjoy growth in the real estate sector, giving new players like Keller Williams equal footing on the playing field, as noted by KW Ortigas – 27C Realty Team Leader Dianne Orillosa. “The residential market is booming. Property prices continue to increase, construction is non-stop, and demand for these properties is not slowing down at all,” she explains.

KW Ortigas – 27C Realty Operating Principal and Owner Pauline Orillosa added that there is an extensive untapped local inventory owing to continuous construction and property transactions. This opportunity opens up more room for more passionate individuals who desire a flourishing career in real estate. “We need more brokers and sales agents to join our team to train, to handle our listings, and to grow with us,” Orillosa said. 

Happiest Place to Work

The interdependent business model of Keller Williams, where agents are treated as partners by franchise owners, has earned the company a reputation as one of the world’s largest real estate franchise with more than 1,000 offices and 182,000 associates across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

“This is their business as much as ours,” shared Pauline. “Agents have an active participatory role in the direction and policy-making of the company.”

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The Orillosa family leads the cutting ceremony of the grand launch of the first family-operated Keller Williams franchise in the country.

The company’s valued agents also benefit from the distinctive system, innovative technology, and healthy work culture of the KW brand. High-quality training of best practices and personal techniques of market leaders are generously shared with all the company’s associates. Budding agents are also granted access to the company’s proprietary software that assists in tracking clients or listings with ease, streamlining the selling process, and providing a wider network reach for collaboration even with KW agents abroad. All these perks and more can be accessed within the tastefully-designed office space of family-operated franchise KW Ortigas – 27C Realty.

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KW Ortigas -27C Realty Dianne Orillosa, owner and team leader/ CEO is flanked by their franchise’s pioneer sales associates.

“Agents don’t have to set meetings in fast food restaurant or coffee shops anymore,” Dianne added, talking of the presence of comfortable function rooms and meeting rooms within their office space.

Franchises such as KW Ortigas – 27 C Realty gives its brokers and agents wealth building opportunities through its CAP Management, profit share and growth share, commission and other company-initiated incentives.

Because of its game-changing value proposition, Keller Williams Philippines is touted to become a highly sought-after brokerage firm for real estate professionals looking for a truly rewarding career.  For those interested to join the KW Ortigas – 27C Realty Market Center, its office is located at Unit 00179 Lower Level, East Lane, Robinsons Galleria. You may also email at kwortigas@kwphilippines.com or visit www.kellerwilliamsortigas.com.

To know more about KW Philippines, log on to www. http://kwphilippines.com