April 1, 2023


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LED Wall Mounting Systems Are A Must-Have Deal

LED light technology is growing in the lighting systems market at a proliferating pace. Due to its numerous advantages, it has been continuously beating the conventional lighting systems. LED has wide range of applications that has enabled manufacturers to create LED lighting system in various forms as per the need of customers. Let us understand 2 forms of LED lighting systems – LED wall mounting systems and LED parking lot lights.

LED wall mounting systems

LED wall pack is capable of converting 80% of the energy they consume. This is a figure that has never been achieved by any other lighting source in the history.

One form in which LED lighting system has huge application and demand in market is LED wall mounting systems. LED lights are created in a specific set which can be used for various indoor as well as outdoor places and are always ready to lighten up the surrounding. LED wall pack lights have been one of the mood boosters for many customers in indoor lighting due to its ability to sooth the eyes and give a spark to your ambience.

LED wall pack is available in market with classic designs which enable you not to upgrade the infrastructure in order to switch to LED technology. They provide a different touch to wall by usually washing the wall with its colour.

Since, they are wall mounted, in order to prevent them from falling, socket welding is usually performed for these LED wall mounting systems. LED wall mounting systems are equipped with microchip control so they are a system in themselves and can operate independently without any need of electrical source controlling.

Let us understand a few features of LED wall mounting systems –

  • Dynamic effects – Not just providing a static light system (that’s boring)
  • Provide Gradient, hopping of lighting
  • Color flashing
  • Random flashing
  • Sequential pattern flashing

LED wall mounting systems are now a days becoming more popular in many infrastructures, but a few ones are offering a huge space to allow LED wall pack lighting systems.

LED Parking lot lights

As we see LEDs are growing in market, they are much needed in some outer areas in a standing manner. One area is Parking space where a bad lighting can cause fatal accidents. It is very important to have proper lighting conditions in parking lots to allow drivers and car owners to have a clear vision when move their vehicle. LED lights provide a smooth lighting system all over the space with equivalent illumination at every point.

Parking lot lights require high power as they are supposed to be working continuously for long duration, at the same time having less electricity consumption. As compared to metal halide of 250w, a 100wLED in parking lot can provide the same brightness, that too with a more clear vision and less scattering. Also, as compared to halides having life span of 2K hours, same power LEDs has a life span of 80K hours.

Thus, we see a lot of benefits of LED lighting systems for parking lots. It is certain that there is no companion of LED lighting system in terms of advantages for parking lots.