June 3, 2023


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Driveway Resurfacing

Simple Steps to Install Driveway Resurfacing

PropertyfindsAsia.com | Simple Steps to Install Driveway Resurfacing | No matter how much you have invested to make your driveway strong and attractive, it will break and wear off with time. Now the question that arises here is whether there is an alternative solution that can make your driveway new and clean again? You will, of course, want to go for a cost-effective way that takes less time rather than stripping out the concrete or undertaking any repair work that may exceed your budget.

Driveway resurfacing is one of the most applied solutions to make your surface new again. The best thing about driveway floor surfacing is that it is cost effective and easy to install. Besides, it is also a long-term investment since it can retain its quality and glow for a long time.  

Listed below are some of the steps that you need to follow in order to install driveway floor resurfacing:

Step #1 – Clean the Surface

Make sure that the surface is thoroughly clean before you start anything to improve the condition of your driveway surface This is so because the existing surface might comprise cracks, dents, dust and dirt and that is why you must clean the surface so that you can easily fill them with the resurfacer.

A gas-powered washer can be the best tool to clean the concrete surface and make it ready for the next step of driveway resurfacing.

Step #2 – Mix the Resurfacer

The mixer of the resurfacer must be prepared appropriately.  For this take some water and concrete resurfacer and then mix them to make the solution. It is okay to pour a bag of 20-pound resurfacer into 2 or ½ quarter of water but you can add more water if you are not getting the right texture. It is better to use a power drill to mix the solution precisely. Let the wheel spin for more than two minutes and make it ready.

Step #3 – Spread the Resurfacer

Now it is time to spread the resurfacer across your concrete surface for proper driveway resurfacing. The solution should be spread equally and evenly across the surface. You can use a flat steel towel for this purpose. The resurfacer should be distributed with nearly 1/16 inches thickness.

Since the mixture of resurfacer dries quickly it is advisable to use the mixture within 30 minutes of preparation. You can prepare more of the solution later if the entire area has not been covered. Never forget to maintain 1/16 inches thickness when applying the solution across the surface for driveway resurfacing.

Step #4 – Add Texture

You can add in more texture if you want only if the surface is still wet. This is a good way to make your concrete surface different in appearance. You can also use a broom and sweep over the floor to create a different texture. Homeowners often try to alter their smooth and flat surface with different texture, and this is the right time to give it a different look, i.e. when the surface is wet.

A simple sweep on the concrete surface will alter the look of a flat surface and one it dies out; the texture of driveway resurfacing will look natural.

Step #5 – Leave it for At Least 6 Hours

After having followed the first four steps precisely, you should then leave it a 6-hour long rest. Concrete resurfacer requires at least 6 hours to turn solid.  However, if you are planning to drive your car over your newly built surface, you have to wait for around 24 hours.

These are some of the simplest ways to make your surface look clean and dirt free.  The best part is that you can do this by yourself too. But DIY projects may at times deliver unexpected outcomes and therefore it is better to call professionals for the best and satisfactory driveway resurfacing.