June 3, 2023


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Summer Road Trip? Remember this: B-L-O-W B-A-G!

Going elsewhere this summer? Make sure your house is safe.

The Philippine National Police on Wednesday released public safety tips against crimes and accidents during the Lenten break.

If going out of town and leaving the house unattended, the PNP suggested making sure appliances are unplugged, gas stoves are shut off,  and all doors and windows are locked.

Although it is best to tell a trusted neighbor that you are going away and when you will be coming home, avoid leaving notes outside the house telling people you are away. The PNP suggested leaving a radio turned on to make it seem like somebody is home.

Bicycles, laundry, and vehicles left outside the house should also be secured before leaving.

On the Road

Before heading out, check your vehicle with this handy mnemonic device:

B       – Battery                      B       – Brakes

L       – Light                          A       – Air

O       – Oil                             G       – Gas

W      – Water

Make sure all your documents, like license and registration, are in order before leaving the city. Also make sure you brought early-warning device in case you need to do road-side repairs. Bring a flashlight or emergency light, and, for long drives, bring a driving buddy who can take the wheel when you get tired.


If traveling on public transportation, the PNP said you should put away your jewellery and cellphone and avoid bringing large amounts of cash. It is also best to travel light so you won’t have to keep an eye on too many bags. Travelers should also keep an eye out for suspicious bags and packages that may contain bombs, the police said.

If traveling with children, make sure they have an ID or at least a piece of paper with their name and important contact numbers. This will help in case they get lost in the crowd at churches or at the beach.

The PNP also reminded travelers to take note of the nearest First Aid stations or police assistance desks in case of emergencies.

Aside from setting up assistance desks, PNP Director General Nicanor Bartolome also ordered Police Regional Offices and units to coordinate with local government units and volunteer groups for “a collaborative and unified delivery of public safety services and assistance.”

Source: Yahoo News, Jonathan De Santos