April 1, 2023


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Tips for Happening Kitchens and Bathroom Renovations

Renovations of a house become certainly necessary from time to time. Moreover, particularly few areas of a house are more prone to easy deteriorations which could be subjected to dampening, stains, etc., In order to add value to your property, and also for aesthetic beauty, hygienic needs and functional ease kitchens and bathroom renovations happen to be the most common type of remodeling venture in houses. One cannot overlook those rigid yellowish and brown stains on the floor and wall corners, or the faded old cook top in kitchens, the messy old cabinets, sound making hinges of cabinet doors. There could be space issues in bathroom or kitchen as well.

Thus, when it comes to bathroom and kitchen remodeling, here are some of the priority renovating ideas which can change not only the aesthetic appeal of kitchen and bathrooms but even the functional quotient as well.

Wash Basin or Sink

Style and elegance goes hand in hand with an aesthetic appeal and your bathroom wash basin or the kitchen sink attracts a lot of the appearance credit. Once you enter a bathroom or a kitchen, wash basin is one of the most common things which you need to use and obviously if it is kinky and stained, which is a normal issue with old wash basins, being used for years the impression automatically drops. Therefore, you can ask your kitchens and bathroom renovations designers to replace those old, worn out basins and install something new, designer.

Wall Tiles

Instead of getting your kitchen and bathroom walls painted, installing wall tiles can be a great alternative solution if lately you have been frustrated with damp walls, mold formations, stains or water marks on walls. Instead wall tiles offer an enigmatic look, gloss or matt as you like, but it is indeed way more stylish in looks. Nowadays you get exclusive bathroom and kitchen wall tiles, designer ones crafted exclusively for bathrooms or kitchens. So, bring in that exclusive designer feels to your kitchen and bathroom with exotic and decorative wall tiles. Yes, tiles can cost more than a painting, but it is suggested you go for the tiles installation.

Replace Old Pipework

Often overlooked; replacing old rusty, broken pipework in the bathroom or kitchen can make a huge difference. For example swap out that old mouldy bottle trap under the sink for a new top of the range chrome plated bottle trap. Also do you have old waste or soil pipes on show? Swap them out for some new high quality PVC waste pipe. Decorative options are available and it can be done easily and with a small budget.

Compact Utilities

Especially for kitchen where you need to perform a lot of activities, cutting, cooking, washing, pasting, grinding, baking, refrigerating, etc, you need to kitchen layout to be a compact one to accommodate all your utilities in a functional way. This ensures that you can manage your kitchen chores more easily and efficiently.

Take for example, instead of jamming your kitchen counter top with your OTG and microwave, your grinder and juicer needlessly occupying a space in your kitchen island; you can have compact setting for each one of them with adjacent electric points for operational ease. This eliminates the messy feel and enhances the working comfort.


Now floors are something which immediately drives your attention immediately as you step somewhere. Since kitchen and bathrooms both are places where water use is compulsory and cannot be avoided, the floor often get damaged easily. Therefore, while renovating nothing can be a better idea than to replace the floor tiles and installs something more elegant and stylish. However, while picking a floor material for your bathrooms or kitchen you must keep in mind certain factors to have a durable floor:

  • Skid Resistant
  • Tough and durable
  • Stylish yet damp resistant
  • Easy to maintain that is easy clean to remove natural stains

Since renovations generally involve a lot of investment, you can’t afford to take up that huge investment quite often nor the trouble of renovation works inside your house. Again, it a toll on your pocket and time to get renovations done in every two years, so make sure whatever changes you make you do not compromise on quality.