June 3, 2023


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Top Party List in Congress that Supports Filipino Construction Industry

Top Party List in Congress that Supports Filipino Construction Industry

PropertyfindsAsia.com | Top Party List in Congress that Supports Filipino Construction Industry | CWS Party list was initially a labor organization that fights for the rights and interests of Filipino construction workers for almost 3 decades. In 2019, CWS was given a chance to represent the sector in Congress.

Magna Carta for Construction Workers

Represented by Congressman Romeo Momo, CWS was able to author and co-author several bills that went beyond the interests of construction workers. One of the most significant bills that he filed is the Magna Carta for Construction Workers. With the construction industry having a huge impact on the economy of the country, it is rightful to ensure that this sector’s interests and the rights of more than 4 million construction workers should be given more attention.

In a Facebook Live post of senatorial candidate Dra. Minguita Padilla, mentioned her support of this bill and vowed to push the senate version when elected. In her version, she will be including affordable housing for construction workers. Dra. Padilla related on her Facebook Live post that her first patients were construction workers going to Saudi Arabia.

Supporting “Build, Build, Build!” for 30 Years

The Construction Workers Party List – or CWS Party List – has vowed to maintain President Rodrigo Duterte’s and former DPWH Secretary Mark Villar’s “Build, Build, Build!” program so that the economic effects will be felt all over the country for years to come.

According to a statement from CWS legal counsel and spokesperson Atty. DJ Jimenez during an interview on DZRJ-AM, CWS Party List is pushing the continuity of the present administration’s Build! Build! Build! program to provide a stable income for the skilled construction workers in the Philippines. This, he said, can be done through the passage of a law that sets a master plan for a 30-year infrastructure program that allows continuity no matter who is elected as president of the Philippines in the next five terms.

In his interview with DZRH, Atty. Jimenez explained that many projects started by previous administrations were usually no longer pushed through as the new set of leaders have their own list of projects they wanted to work on. A 30-year infrastructure program will not only allow consistency of projects but will also provide a steady income for the construction workers and their families but as well as the development of the Philippine economy.

CWS: To the rescue during the height of the Pandemic

Construction Workers Solidarity Party List has plotted out various programs for all construction workers and their families located in different areas in the country. Among those programs is the assistance for those who were stranded during the nationwide lockdown, wherein they gave out food and medicine to make sure that everyone was ok, especially during the nationwide lockdowns. They also assisted the stranded individuals to go back to their provinces and have the security to safely reunite with their families in their respective provinces.

In addition to earlier mentioned assistance during the nationwide lockdown, CWS has also successfully executed these different programs for the benefit of the construction workers and their families: Medical Assistance (2020-2021) – Free facemasks, PPEs, RapidAnti-gen test kits, and other medical activities with medical transportation.

They are also against the “No Vaccine, No Work Policy”, as long as the worker is not a public health threat, the individual should still be allowed to work and be given ample time to have themselves vaccinated and continuously provide for their family.

Helping beyond construction workers

CWS  Party List went over and beyond its promise of supporting the plight of the construction sector. In a span of only 3 years in congress, CWS was able to provide national assistance in the form of Scholarship Grants (2020-2021) – 4-year college scholarship grants TESDA training sponsorship, and DOLE-TUPAD – Tulong Panghanap Buhay sa Ating Disadvantaged to name a few. This is besides their various financial and infrastructure support to many barangays and local government units across the country, benefitting more than the 4 million construction workers they promised to assist.

Today and beyond

The Construction Workers Solidarity Party List will continue to provide primary focus on giving a voice to construction workers and other individuals working in construction companies, by securing their interests and equality for a better future for them and their families. Within its 30 years of service, CWS has been the construction workers’ torchbearer in leading its sector to a better position. This is their brand of experiential service to their constituents.

CWS Party List is identified as number 103 on the ballot for the 2022 elections.