June 3, 2023


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Top Tips to Consider Before Shifting your Residence in Australia

Moving your home is a hassle for many, and then you realise the stuff you actually own is just not used.  The reality of packing and moving to your new house is daunting, to say the least. Anyways, every possession needs to be packed and sealed securely.  

To create the process stress-free, spend some time planning the process, way before the actual time. You can move to the new house yourself or opt for an experienced removalist like Quick Pick Removals to get the process sorted beforehand.

Here are some packing and moving tips that can help you in the moving process, especially when you are shifting your residence to some other place in Australia.

  • Start selling or gifting unwanted stuff early

If you don’t start the packing process at least 15 days before you move, then you are bound to panic and throw many things without consideration. Start the spring-cleaning process quickly. You can even dump it if it has gone useless in every way.

Downsize your belongings so that you do not have to spend on the relocation of unwanted possessions. Things you do not need to use often can be gifted away or donated. You can even check out Australian cities for closest op-shops.

  • Use an experienced removalist if necessary

With loads of furniture and a bad physical constitution, most homeowners will find it feasible to hire a removalist for the moving process. If there are fewer possessions or the transition is over a short distance, then you can do it yourself, by hiring a truck, loading and reloading it. Before choosing a removalist, get quotes and reviews from different removalists. If you are not going with the truck, take photos of the truck and all your loaded items, before using the same to avoid insurance arguments.

  • Get measurements of the new space ready before shifting

Sometimes homeowners do not plan for the new house and its space, before shifting a large heirloom or a cupboard, or a showcase that is large enough to not fit in the new home. Schedule a pre-move visit for measuring every space and the width of those entrance doors.

  • Get your utilities ready for the new space

When changing address, get your paperwork for utilities done before-hand with relevant updates. Connect with power companies for a change of address, proper electricity connections, and water sources. Do not get stuck because you did not plan in advance for your new place.

  • Tell your neighbours about the change of address

With a warning about the presence of large trucks in the vicinity during the loading process, let them know the date when you and your family are moving. You can even request their kitchen use during the moving process, so you and your family do not have to be famished in the process. Additionally, once you move, your neighbours will be the ones who will get your posts or letters that are addressed to you sometimes. If they have knowledge of where you are moving, they can contact and notify you about the same.

  • Don’t use boxes that are too large

You might be tempted to use large boxes to pile up all contents of a cupboard in one. You might be inspired to use a jute bag to lug and push to the new place. But a huge bag or box is detrimental to the moving process since it can break down owing to the weight involved. It is better to carry things in two separate bags or boxes instead of one large package.

  • Label boxes with destination, and keep cables/ devices together

With luck, you could have your extended family and friends helping with the moving process. Also, it is important to tag each box with its destination rather than only the name of the content. Also, you do not want to have your gadgets and devices in one box and your cables in another. You might lose out on the cables or mix them up. Hence keep all cables in close proximity to the devices. Take care of electronic gear that is breakable and places them with cables together with masking tape so that they can be reconnected easily at the new place.