April 1, 2023


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trava greenfield

Trava is a 33-hectare premiere residential development - Greenfield Development Corporation's first flagship project under the Greenfield Deluxe Brand. Trava boasts of unparalleled features and amenities highlighted by the integration of tree-lined roads and lush landscaping, a characterization of the Greenfield legacy. More importantly, Trava exemplifies how suburban living can be sustainable, highlighted by how it aims to promote the improvement of one's overall quality of life.

Trava Greenfield – Where future-forward developments don’t have to be at odds with nature

PropertyFindsAsia.com| Nature Thrives in Future-Proof Sta. Rosa Community | It’s been said that “nature finds a way”—how we admire the fleeting beauty of a sapling pushing through the cracks in a concrete pavement. And in a world that has grown increasingly aware of urgent environmental issues, property developers are expected to allot resources to building communities that have dedicated spaces where nature can wonderfully thrive, not just survive. 

Globally, the luxury real estate sector has been rewriting its rules, turning to green ideas for inspiration and direction. Here in the Philippines, local laws for townships and community developments mandate for more breathable spaces such as parks and recreational zones to help ensure the well-being of residents and the environment.

Fact is, future-forward developments don’t have to be at odds with nature. One notable example is Trava, a residential community by Greenfield Deluxe, the first ultra-luxe brand under Greenfield Development Corporation. The lots-only luxury neighborhood takes its name from “grasslands”, which conjures up images of verdant open spaces and vast skies. It is directly linked to the concept of land stewardship which is the corporate cornerstone of Greenfield. In the Philippines today, GDC is one of the property developers at the forefront of the green evolution.

Renewable Energy

While many residential developments claim to have resort-like features, Trava goes further: within its 33 hectares are areas and facilities that truly promote the use of renewable energy. The grand clubhouse complex, with complete social, recreational and sports amenities, has solar-powered areas. The concept houses are also solar panel-ready, a de rigueur feature in affluent residences. 

“Green” Streetscapes

The masterplan is for families and visitors to experience nature at every turn. 45% of Trava is dedicated to open spaces, trees, and lush parks. Beyond the obvious aesthetic advantage of being surrounded by greenery, it provides physiological benefits because shrubs and trees produce much-needed oxygen.

 The wide roads will be lined with trees on both sides, while the dedicated trails for walking and cycling will be beautifully landscaped and canopied with trees. Utility wires are fully underground which makes living in Trava safer because of the lowered strength of magnetic fields compared to residential areas with traditional utility poles. Underground cables also provide a clear and open view of the scenic horizon. And because the roads are integrated, residents can appreciate the community as a whole whenever they take leisurely strolls from point to point in the neighborhood while breathing in the healthier Laguna air.  

Playing with Nature

In showcasing nature as an invigorating playground for children, grownups, and the elderly, future-proof Trava offers a joyous sanctuary that anticipates the well-being of residents and future dwellers.

You can have a superbly designed home where nature can be easily incorporated at the yard or indoors. Let’s count the ways: a manicured lawn and garden planted only with species that are endemic to the Philippines; bird feeders and wind chimes around the property; cascading plants on semi-outdoor walls; kitchen counters and tabletops decorated with colorful blooms; sourcing fresh ingredients like organic herbs, vegetables, and fruits instead of ultra-processed food products; and others.

Going eco-luxe at home also means using eco-friendly fixtures like water-saving faucets and dual-flush toilets; appliances with high energy efficiency rating; furnishings made with natural elements like wood and less synthetic chemicals, or high-concept furniture pieces that utilize recycled or upcycled materials with minimal impact on the ecosystem while adding visual interest to any room. 

There are many more ways to connect with nature while savoring a future-forward lifestyle in this Sta. Rosa development, and those interested can visit http://greenfield.com.ph/project/trava for further details. By making nature inherent to the Trava living experience, Greenfield helps nurture families, especially young children, in a community surrounded by green spaces and sustainable practices so they have a better chance of understanding that every creature counts. This is what the word “sustainable” really means: when we take care of nature, nature takes care of us.