April 1, 2023


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Most Exciting Travel and Retirement Destinations for Elderly People

Some people consider retiring as a way to slowly start wrapping up your life but on the contrary, retirement is the period when one can finally dedicate their time to do things they enjoy without going to work or worrying about raising the kids and putting food on the table. Moving elsewhere after retirement is a great way to spend time in a warm climate and save your money, especially if you choose a destination that isn’t expensive or has certain tax benefits. If you’re planning to retire away from home, here are some great destination suggestions:

1. Thailand, if you love Asian culture

Many elders decide to move to Thailand due to its warm climate and diverse expat community from almost every corner of the world, which is especially important to those who can’t be bothered to learn a new language. Besides, Thailand is much cheaper than in many Western countries, especially when it comes to property rentals and everyday expenses. Plus, those who struggle with arthritis will definitely enjoy the Thai climate. Also, since Thailand is close to the sea, there are a lot of activities that revolve around water sports, diving and swimming.

2. Hawaii, for those who love the tropical climate

If you find yourself cursing winter and snow, then retiring to Hawaii can be a great choice, especially if you have problems with joint and rheumatic pain considering that warm climate can be extremely helpful when it comes to alleviating pain and other discomforts related to these illnesses. Another big advantage of Hawaii is that its part of the US, so there’s no need to learn any new languages. Finally, Hawaii is a very elderly-friendly place, with many facilities designed to help seniors feel welcome and comfortable. For those who prefer to explore, there are many Hawaiian islands where you’ll be able to enjoy new experiences and adventures.

3. Portugal, if you love Europe

Many often confuse Portugal and Spain, which is not unusual, considering that both countries are located on the same peninsula, and both are very popular retirement destinations. Yet, Portugal is known for its charm and friendly people who are very accommodating to tourists. What’s even better, the biggest Portuguese cities like Lisbon and Porto are big, but not too hectic and overcrowded, which makes them great retirement locations. You just need to look into some retirement house plans, so you’ll be able to stay somewhere comfortable and safe.

4. Mexico, if you love their diversity of lifestyle

Mexico has become a quite popular retirement destination, due to its low cost of living, a lot of sunshine and hospitable mentality. Whether you opt for Playa Del Carmen, Durango, Tulum or Morelia, chances are you will have a great time. Before you decide to pack your bags, make sure to choose the place that fits your preferences, so if you prefer quiet life then there’s no better choice than relaxing coastal towns, while those who like activities and a bit of bustle, can be perfectly happy in cosmopolitan areas. Even though Mexico does have issues with crime, there are no reasons to worry, because some cities are perfectly safe from violence, but always make sure to do your research and get all the relevant information.

In conclusion, retiring to a new country can be a new chapter of your life, so you should definitely treat it as a fun, new adventure. After all, if you don’t like the place, you can also move back home, or even better, go someplace else.

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