March 22, 2023

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6 New Age Home Designing Trends You Should Know About

Human beings tend to work and shift with trends as new style surfaces. Technology usually plays the biggest role in bringing new trends into society and avoid being left behind; people are usually willing to take the risk of investing in the new trends. When it comes to beauty and comfort of a home, the design and creativity incorporated has a great effect. Here are some new home designing trends that you should consider if you are thinking of upgrading your taste in your home.

  1. Natural Features

It is high time for people to stop believing that technology is the only thing that will help them keep up with the newest trends and instead consider natural materials that can sustain your home decoration desires. For instance, you can start thinking of decors that are made on stone, granite, copper or concrete. It is only a matter of being creative and come up with a serene and organic outlook in your home. The good thing is there are many DIY ideas to creating beautiful decors using natural materials.

  1. Cerused Wood Finishes

Cerusing is a process that provides an interesting texture on the wood and usually uses white pigments to bring out the unique grain lines of the wood being cerused. Today, this process has been made more interesting through the use of non-toxic waxes to whiten the finishes. It gives a dramatic effect and looks that is similar to limed oak. Cerused wood is the new game in home designing and can be done on the entire kitchen, base of tables, bedside tables, frames of chairs or on feet of sofas and chairs. Cerused wood provides a natural and organic aspect in your home but in a very fashionable way.

  1. Vertical Gardens

The vertical garden is also known as a living wall in a home interior and exterior design that involves live plants being mounted on the wall. Every home designer should consider this aspect because it’s among the latest trends that bring the outdoor beauty into the indoors. Vertical gardens are beautiful, and they also help to filter toxins and improve air circulation in the house whereby carbon dioxide is converted to oxygen. It is, however, important to consider working with an expert when you want to follow this trend. The Plant Man is one such service provider who will righteously guide you when you’re creating a vertical garden. You would require to control the amount of water and sun that the plants need to grow well without risking your walls, and for such services, expert’s guidance is always recommended. They can also advise you on the best plant to go for; such as those that require low maintenance.

  1. Vivacious Colors

Most people are afraid of colors when designing their interiors and thus get stuck to the neutral colors all the way. Well, it is time to get out of that comfort zone, gather some creativity and be bold enough to incorporate your vibrant personality in your room. Rather than maintaining grey fabrics and silver decors to avoid color confusion, there are ways you can include some strong reds, bold blues or vibrant greens in your house. Vibrant colors help to uplift the ambience of your room into something exciting and also demonstrate your boldness. You start by considering the color of your wallpaper to know what colors will blend with it or have a new start from the wallpaper, to sofas and other decors in the room.

  1. Coarse Wall Coverings

Wallpapers have always been the main aspect of providing beauty to the interiors wall of the house. While they bring beauty in a good way, the new textured finishes have become the real thing in interior home designing. They come with bold color schemes and geometric patterns that create a very interesting, dramatic and unique visual interest. The coarse wall covering also works well on the ceilings, yet it does not overwhelm the room balance.

  1. Recycling Unused Things

Every home has things that are never used in any way. The good thing is that many creative ideas are available to help you make these ‘useless’ things useful again although in a different way. They can be used to make things such as furniture, interior tiles or home decors. It is a matter of creativity that will help you to turn corn husks into beautiful interior tiles, plastics and smartphone screens into furniture or empty wine bottles into interesting home decors. Using recycled materials brings out uniqueness and creativity, conserves the environment, saves on cost and at the end of it, all fashion is represented.

  1. Kitchen Blaze

The kitchen is always a favorite room for everyone including the architects who design it. It is one room that attracts fun and vibrancy. For these reasons, it is high time people embrace the aspect of adding more colors and mix its current outlook with some striking metal surfaces to bring out an interesting ambiance. Also, add some décor items such as copper pots and pans to break the boredom of stainless steel and finally integrate some unique lightings.

Home designing only requires creativity to out stand others and still be on top of the trending fashions and style without overwhelming your budget.