April 1, 2023


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How to Set Up Your Real Estate Showroom the Right Way

When there’s a new real estate project under development and you’re tasked with getting the showroom ready for negotiations and viewings ahead of project completion, you have your work cut out for you. Nevertheless, it is possible to get organized quickly to arrange everything to make selling the new units easier than it would be otherwise.

Here are some suggestions for how to get set up to sell out the project.

Design the Showroom Head Office Appropriately

A property showroom needs to be open and inviting. Getting the design right with plenty of windows for natural light is important. Create a floor plan that includes open space to walk around comfortably without feeling cramped.  

Any displays should be large enough so that viewers can easily observe the primary areas on the property. You don’t want visitors missing the most important details and selling points. Besides, having lots of small print can make it look like there are some less than desirable aspects of the property and this can put potential buyers off.

Set Up and Stage the Show Property

One apartment or town house (depending on what’s being brought to market) needs to be ready for immediate viewing even if the rest of the project is still under heavy construction. Unfortunately, both buyers and other realtors lack imagination to visualize how the final property will look when they’re finished.

It doesn’t matter if the other apartments or townhouses are finished yet, as long as visitors can one show property. They can visualize the differences between the number of bedrooms with alterations to the floor plan when they have a starting point; without it, they’re left confused.

Don’t skimp on the staging either. Many developers are loathed to put money into staging. It’s surprisingly expensive to stage a property well, but depending on how high-end each unit is compared to the local market, putting in furniture and interior design cues that appeal to buyers puts deals over the top. Securing a ‘full ask offer’ is more likely with excellent staging than without it.

Washroom Facilities

Not every showroom has the space to include adequate washroom facility for visitors. This is where a portable washroom service from a company like Onsiteco.com comes into play. They offer portable bathrooms to suit different needs across multiple industries.

If you want to provide some custom toiletries to add that touch of class, then go right ahead. Given that there’s not expected to be a high volume of people traffic, it’s possible to customize the experience a little. This is definitely something to consider when offering high-end real estate to high-net-worth individuals.

You don’t have to be one of the superstar realtors on Million Dollar Listing: New York to learn a trick or two about selling out a new development. Presentation is key because it sets the tone while avoiding anything that would be immediately off-putting to a potential buyer. Focus on this to achieve better sales results.