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Buy The Right Washing Machine For Your Needs

You still have some money left from your Christmas bonus and you have decided to invest in a washing machine. With so many models, styles and washers in the market, there are many things to consider before buying the washer for you.

Here are some tips to help you find the right washing machine for your home:

  1. Washer style. The first thing you have to decide is what style of washer do you want. While it is less energy efficient, a traditional top-load washer costs much less than a front-load or high efficiency top-loader.
  1. Washer capacity and physical size. Washer capacity is measured by the interior drum cubic inches and manufacturer recommendations for wash load size. For a large family, look for a full -size or oversize top or front-load model. A small washer is ideal for a couple.
  1. Installation considerations. Most washers require plumbing installations, with the exception of some dual units or compact spin washers that can be connected via an adapter to a nearby faucet. If your home is not ready for a washing machine, you may have to consult with a plumber before buying a washer.
  1. Best washer features. Look for water level options for small, mid and large size loads. Other features include steam, delay wash, stainless steel non-rusting washer tub, extra rinse, presoak, and dispensers for softener and bleach, among others.


When deciding on whether to purchase a top load washing machine or a front load one, here are more things to consider:

  • Energy efficiency and service contracts. Front load models lead the pack when it comes to saving electricity and water. Take the time to compare energy guide figures. It can save you money in the long run. 
  • Appliance finish options and companion dryer. Nowadays, appliances can come in exciting bold colors. This should be considered when buying a washer because color can make an appliance look old.
  • Washing performance and cycles. Top load washers have fewer washing cycles and shorter wash times and generally deliver a clean wash. While front load models are gentler on clothes and have shown better performance, their washing cycles are usually much longer.


Sharp Philippines has the washing machine that will suit your needs because their washers care for your clothes the way you do. With space savvy designs and features that address your top priorities while remaining user-friendly and intuitive, the hallmark of each washing machine series is that each product is created with you and your needs in mind.

One such product is Sharp’s Fully Automatic Washer. The Fully Automatic Washer creates a “comprehensive clothes washing experience,” taking into account everything you might require to maximize laundry time.

It makes use of a stainless steel hole-less tub that saves time and water while giving a gentle and thorough spin on clothes. The Hole-less tub cuts the waiting time in half, allowing you to get on with laundry immediately. Since it is hole-less, you can save up to 30% on water as it prevents water leaks.

The technology is gentle on clothes as it creates less impact on clothes, protecting them from possible damage caused by vibration. It also keeps the exterior of the washer dry, preventing growth of black molds.

The Fully Automatic Washing Machine has water openings which allow for easier loading and unloading of heavier pieces. Its W-screw pulsator is a more advanced pulsator design that provides a strong steam for better washing performance. The pulsator, which is also anti-bacterial, keeps the underside of the pulsator hygienic.

Other features of the washer include a fabric softener dispenser which is a more convenient and safer way to put fabric softener into your wash. It also maximizes the effect of the softener, distributing it evenly into the wash. It also has an auto tub clean function which keeps your tub sanitary and mold-free by automatically washing out any leftover detergent or particles.

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