March 22, 2023

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A New Refrigerator For A New Home

After working and saving up for years, you have finally been able to buy your dream house. Since you and your partner enjoy entertaining visitors, you made sure that you would also have your dream kitchen which is fully equipped with the latest cooking and other home appliances. In your dream kitchen, you will be inspired to cook up a storm whenever you want to.

However, there is still something missing in your kitchen and that is a refrigerator. You will definitely want a refrigerator that will look good in your house, one that will match the interiors. A big refrigerator will also come in handy for you. That is because you always want your ref to be full and ready for unexpected visitors. You will also want a refrigerator that is an energy saver and has features that you never dreamed of having.

Sharp’s J-Tech inverter 5-Door Refrigerator might be the refrigerator that you are looking for. This particular model opens up new possibilities in what it means to cool, protect and preserve freshness. With a design system made even more luxurious and innovative, it is complete with the basic features you need and the advanced functions you want.

With technologies like the J-Tech inverter that helps save on energy, the ActFresh Hybrid Cooling Technology that ensures effective cooling and the unique Plasmacluster ion Technology that eliminates molds and bacteria, the J-Tech Inverter 5-Door Refrigerator takes food safekeeping to another level.

Equipped with other convenient features like the Auto Crystal Clear Ice Cube Maker, multiple temperature settings and a sleek modern exterior, it is the fridge waiting to take space in your home.

The 5-Door Refrigerator is impeccably designed with hidden luxury. Its hygienic cooling system makes use of Plasmacluster ions which produce an optimal storage environment by releasing positive and negative ions to quickly surround and deactivate impurities and eliminate odors. It keeps your food moist fresh through its hybrid cooling system. This system controls and radiates cool humid air throughout the compartment to optimize moisture and reduce temperature fluctuations, keeping food crisp and fresh.

It is also energy saving with its precise temperature control with J-Tech inverter using 36 gradual cooling steps. It cools faster, minimizes noise and reduces energy consumption. It comes with a sophisticated touch control panel that allows easy access to the refrigerator settings. It is designed to minimize door opening, prevents temperature fluctuation and preserves food freshness.

This state of the art refrigerator comes with multi-temperature rooms where you can switch between refrigerator and freezer with multi-temperature settings. You can also select between four pre-set assisting models for greater flexibility in food storage. The multi-temperature setting allows the compartment to become a fridge or freezer with the touch of a button. These settings  are:

  • Deep freeze which prevents nutritional loss by rapidly freezing food;
  • Soft freeze which stores ready to cook items for longer periods of time while retaining texture;
  • Chill which chills food without freezing. This is perfect for dairy products and ready to cook food without thawing; and
  • Cool which retains freshness and crispness of fruits with ideal humidity.

The 5-Door Refrigerator also comes with pre-set assisting modes which suits your storage needs. These modes are:

  • Cool Down Mode which cools down warm items without affecting overall fridge temperature;
  • Defrost mode which safely defrosts meats without losing its flavor and moisture;
  • Extra Cool Mode where you can enjoy cold beverages in an instant; and
  • Express Cool Mode which rapidly lowers down the temperature to ensure food is stored safely for a longer period of time.

What are you waiting for? Go to the nearest appliance store and ask for Sharp’s J-Tech Inverter 5-Door Refrigerator.


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