April 1, 2023


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Choose the Best Shower Screens and Its Types

A shower screen is considered one of the most important features of a bathroom. Offering privacy is not only of the feature it provides but it also helps improve the appearance of the bathroom – even the smallest of bathrooms can appear elegant with the right shower screen. They also keep the bathroom dry by keeping water from spreading all over it. Not only are wet bathrooms unpleasant to use but they are also an open invitation to termites and other pests.

Types of Shower Screens

There are many options available to suit everyone’s tastes. Framed shower screens offer the ultimate word on privacy and are perfect for family bathrooms as they give a person full enclosure within its glass panels which are held together by aluminum frames. Although, minimalists might prefer a frameless shower screen which offers the full glass protection of framed shower screens but with minimum hardware holding the panels together. These are also perfect for bathrooms where space is a problem. For those who are confused between the framed and the frameless varieties, the semi-frameless shower screen may be the perfect fit. These combine the strength of the framed shower screens with the sleek and sophisticated design of the frameless ones. There is no bathroom that the subtle frame of a semi-frameless shower screen would not suit.

Those blessed with large bathrooms might also consider the pivot door shower screen. The doors rotate open on a pivot or central point and the screens come in a wide range of designs and styles and add the perfect touch of panache to the bathroom. Another option for spacious bathrooms is a fixed panel shower screen. These are luxurious and come with just one glass panel without a frame. Those with a space crunch need not be disheartened either; bi-fold door shower screens – these come in options of two folds or more – save space owing to their opening mechanism without compromising on the flair. Quadrant shower screens, too, are a great option for small bathrooms in modern homes. They are intended to fit a corner in the bathroom and have sliding doors, providing a cozy and intimate area for showering.

How to choose the best shower screens for your bathroom?

With the diversity of options, you might get confused about which one is the perfect shower screen for your bathroom. But keeping a few pointers in mind is likely to make this job fairly simple. The first thing to consider would be the space available, especially around the shower area. A larger space would accommodate shower screens with hinged doors that open outwards and smaller bathrooms may require shower screens with sliding doors. While hinged doors are the preferred choice when it comes to aesthetics, sliding doors have evolved and now come in a range of materials to suit everyone’s tastes. Another important consideration while choosing a shower screen is the amount of light in a bathroom. Glass shower screens are usually the best bet. They do not throw shadows and allow light to pass giving the impression of an open and airier space. They also do not develop mould, are tough and easy to clean. It is also important to hire a professional to get the shower screen installed as one can reap maximum advantages through this.

Why installing shower screens are essential?

Installing a shower screen or replacing an old one is the best way to give the bathroom a facelift. It not only makes the space more intimate, it also adds to the appeal of the space. Privacy, comfort and, hygiene are just a few of the perks of having the right shower screen. What’s even better is that they are conducive to romance.