April 1, 2023


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Granite Kitchen Benchtop

Granite Kitchen Benchtops the Best Choice

If you are building a new house or renovating your existing kitchen you will have to decide the type of material, you want to use in the kitchen bench tops.  In this article, we will look at a granite stone kitchen bench top. Nothing compares to the elegance and beauty of granite kitchen benchtops as it is hardy, classic and timeless.  Granite has been used in homes for centuries. It adds value and touch of style to your home.

What is granite?

It is a naturally occurring stone and is a coarse type of igneous rock with visible grains. It is a light colored, plutonic rock commonly found in mountain areas. It is slowly formed from magma deep below the earth’s surface. Granite is a very dense and strong material. It is a very hard and durable stone and like marble, it is a natural stone. It is used for immense structural work due to its strength and durability. It is also regarded as the hardest structural stone. It is ideal for kitchens, splash backs, vanities, counter tops, bar tops, staircases and bathroom walls etc. If you decide on using granite stone for your kitchen benchtops, your bench tops will not stop flaunting them even after years.

Why make granite kitchen benchtops?

  1. Granites have rich colors, stiffness and density.  
  2. They come in many style and pattern.
  3. Colors of granite make it the most versatile and trendy of all the stones.
  4. Granite is second hardest stone next to diamond.
  5. It has been recognized as the best material for kitchen countertops and bathrooms.
  6. Some slabs might have unique and flowery patterns and variation in hues which make them stunning.   
  7. After polishing color and patterning, granite can be very striking.

Pros of granite

It is the most popular choice of stones for kitchen bench tops because of the following reasons:


  1. It doesn’t depreciate and is long lasting.
  2. Can be shaped in different ways
  3. Easy to keep clean.
  4. Its colors vary in different lighting that creates a beautiful effect.
  5. It is abrasion resistant.
  6. It is scratch resistant.
  7. It is chemical resistant.
  8. It is staining resistant.
  9. Chipping is repairable.
  10. Edges can have a detailed profile.
  11. It is non-porous.
  12. Requires no maintenance
  13. Unique appearances it is a natural stone.
  14. Available in a large variety of colors and patterning.
  15. Prestige material.
  16. It can withstand any temperature.

Size of granite slabs:

They are irregularly shaped. They come in standard thickness between 20mm and 30m. Some also come as book matched pairs.  You can get your granite kitchen benchtops in different shapes and sizes.


Pricing of granite varies widely from low to high. Some of the granite can come at a very cheap rate and some might be quite costly. It will depends on the quality of the granite. Granite kitchen benchtops can come in wide range of prices.  

It is said that kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house; therefore, homeowners want it to look much more beautiful than just presentable and make it look like one of the most beautiful areas of the house.  If you combine classy furniture, earthen colors with granite kitchen benchtops it will make your kitchen inspirational. It is the most attractive kitchen benchtop materials. This stone is aesthetically appealing with wide range of colors. Thus, whenever you decide to make a new house do not forget to add granite kitchen benchtops because they will give a unique look and styling to your kitchen.