June 3, 2023


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Blocked Drains

Different Ways To Get Rid Of Blocked Drains

PorpertyFindsAsia | Different Ways To Get Rid Of Blocked Drains | Drain Blockage is a very common problem. Blocked drain is indeed a painful experience when you can’t figure out a pipe cleaner in your locality. This becomes an emergency factor when the main outage drain gets blocked with foreign particles. This causes chain reactions and makes all the discharge pipes getting jammed gradually as the main outage is being shut off.

Severe blockage can crack and may break your pipes. This may ultimately dampen your home walls or business house. This can spread to the ceilings, walls, and floors as well. So, to prevent such issues, you need to maintain your drainage system. You can use some DIY tools to clean your blocked drains, but you cannot deal with the underneath drainage system with your DIY tools. In this regard, you must rely on the professional drain cleaning services.

How Would You Clean Your Drain With DIY Systems?

Apply boiled water

A quick and easy way is to solve your problem of blockage by pouring a bucket of boiled water into the drain directly. In most of the cases, this hot water treatment is adequate to solve your problem by loosing or by dissolving the blockage without applying any harmful chemical. This method should be applied to metal or ceramic pipes as the heat from water may loosen joints in PVC pipes. This method is found to be effective when the blockage caused by the build-up of food particles.

DIY Natural drain cleaner

This is basically a chemical cleaner which can be prepared in the house by using baking bicarb soda with white vinegar. You need to simply pour the bicarb into the drain followed by vinegar. Then cover the blocked drains sunnybank, plumber sunnybank  and prevent the mixture from bubbling out of the pipe mouth. Bicarb reacts with vinegar to produce oxygen which reacts with the solid particulate present inside of the pipe by loosening it and ultimately clearing the pipe. If the blockage is serious, you may have to repeat the process. When the mixture passes through the blockage, flush the pipe with hot water to remove any particle.

Caustic cleaner

You can purchase a bottle of caustic cleaner from the local hardware store or supermarket. This caustic chemical is capable to clean blockage caused by hair, grease, and other common blockage elements. As the chemical is harmful to the environment this should be used at wide intervals and in the low quantity. Always flush your drain pipe after caustic chemical application.

Tools That Can Be Used To Clean The Clogs Of Your Drains:

  • Plunger

A plunger is a hemispherical rubber suction plug fitted at the end of a wooden or metal pipe. On pressing the handle, a vacuum is created inside the plunger and it sucks the solid that jamming the pipe. It can clear a blocked drain as well as can clear a clogged toilet. A strong seal is necessary for satisfactory cleaning of the pipes by the plunger.

  • Snake and CCTV

A plumber snake or electrical tool which is called eel tool is suitable for more severe blockages. The rotating coil at the end inside the pipe spins quickly moving away from the blockage until it gets cleared. The range of operation is limited for the snake. So, it is effective only when the blockage is near the opening of the drain.

  • Hydro-jet flushing system

Hydro jet can produce a powerful water jet through your choked drain pipe and can clear the blockage of the drain. But you need to use such hydro jets carefully because they can damage your underneath drainage system completely.

You can get temporary relief by using such DIY tools, but to clean your blocked drains completely, you must rely on the professional drain cleaning services.