March 22, 2023

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How to Buy the Wrong House?

When purchasing a house, a home buyer tends to look at several factors before picking between two or more potential properties. These factors include the location of the property, the buyer’s budget, the amenities present in the area, and the actual aesthetic appeal of the property. All these things are worth considering during a home purchase as no home buyer would like to purchase a wrong house that is too far from their place of work, too expensive for their liking, or one that doesn’t fit their personal taste for design and aesthetics.

But while these factors significantly weigh in during the process of shopping for a house, there are far more important things that buyers need to consider to ensure that the property they will be purchasing holds no hidden surprises and is worth the money. But most of the time, many first-time home buyers only rely on the expertise of a real estate agent to finalize their decision – only to realize that the property they purchased is the total opposite of the “perfect” that was offered to them.

While most real estate agents provide tips and advice on choosing an investment-worthy house, rarely does anyone share the negative aspects to look out for in a house itself. During a property visit, many real estate agents just highlight the beautiful elements of the house, such as the newly installed Italian marble countertops in the newly remodeled bathroom.

Sometimes insidious and costly defects – such as cracks in the foundation or faulty heating system – which could hamper the deal, are ignored. If the buyer doesn’t know what defects they need to be on the lookout for, they could end up paying a lot more for repairs in the long-run or could even put the health and safety of their loved at risk.

Another example of such defects that rarely get noticed by home buyers is damaged roofing. Due to its inaccessibility, the roof is often overlooked by some home buyers, thinking that checking it from the outside suffices to assess its condition. In reality, the house’s roofing could be hiding all sorts of potential issues, such as poorly installed roofing materials and clogged gutters and downspouts – all of which could lead to more aggravating issues and cause serious damage inside the property.

Aside from focusing too much on property’s location, budget, aesthetics, and other factors other than the structural soundness of the property itself, as well as the lack of knowledge about the common house defects, another reason why many home buyers end up purchasing the wrong house is due to lack of planning. Because of the eagerness to move to a new house soon, many first-time home buyers immediately purchase the house that appeals most to their needs, preferences, and budget – all without consulting a professional first to inspect the property for any unpleasant surprises.

Overall, when buying a residential property, knowing what will make the investment a bust is just as crucial as knowing the things that will make purchase totally worth it. In order to help you further refine your search for your dream home, here are the key takeaways of the very sarcastic piece from Tauscher Cronacher, which details everything you need to know to buy the wrong house.

  1. Poorly maintained, leaky roofs
  2. Cracks in the foundation
  3. Old Plumbing, mold, and mildew  
  4. Faulty electrical wiring
  5. Structural fails
  6. Pest problems
  7. Outdated construction materials

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how to buy the wrong house.