April 1, 2023


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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Residential Elevator

You may have any reason for installing a residential elevator. It can be become someone in your home has a mobility issue. You may have to make it convenient to move between the different floors or carry the groceries with ease. Whatever the reason, you should be careful when buying an elevator for your home. Make sure to consider the following things when purchasing it.

1. Purpose

There are different types of elevators meant for different purposes. The choice of the right unit will depend on your purpose.

  • If your main goal is to move items, then you can simply consider residential dumbwaiters
  • If you have an elderly or disabled family member with mobility issues, you should consider a unit specifically designed for accessibility

Once you have determined the purpose, you should discuss the load capacity requirements with your elevator installation contractor. There are different models available for each purpose. Only an experienced installation expert can guide you in making the right choice. The choice is also going to be influenced by your budget.

2. Design, Location & Space

The choice of the elevator model and design will further require you to consider many other things, especially the location and space required for installation. You may want to install a unit with stylish elements that add to your home’s décor or something rather simple. Whatever your choice, the location should match its design elements and practical feasibility.

The latest home elevators have become much more compact than before, they will still require significant amount of space in your home. The location of the unit can be strictly limited by the space available for the shaft. This is something your installation company can help guide you with.

3. Safety Concerns

When choosing the elevators, it is also important to consider the model’s safety and reliability. Check the different models that meet your specific requirements based on the above-mentioned factors. Check their safety features that they come with. It should meet the latest compliance requirements from the authorities. It will be even better if you check reviews from previous users to determine which model makes a safe and reliable option for your home.

4. Installation Time

While this is not the most important factor to consider, it still has an impact on many homeowners who have a busy schedule. Your primary focus should be on meeting your needs within your budget. Depending on the model, design, location, and space, the installation process can require different levels of construction work. The installation time can vary accordingly and there is also room for unforeseen challenges. So you should be prepared for a few weeks of construction time that comes with dust and noise.  

You should also discuss the installation process and requirements with your contractor. It may be required to make changes to the selected location in your building. Pre-planning should help in simplifying the process and reduce your costs.

5. Warranty & Maintenance

The quality of the after-sales service is also an important factor to consider when buying a residential elevator. You should choose your installation contractor based on the warranty they offer and the maintenance quality. These factors are important for the uninterrupted and safe operation of the elevator once it has been installed. It is important that there is a maintenance contract from the very beginning. It should clearly mention the warranty and maintenance terms to ensure that the equipment keeps working at its optimal levels.

So these are the 5 most important points to be considered when purchasing a residential elevator. It is important that you choose the right contractor to help you make the right decisions.